Karmic Threat (karmic_threat) wrote,
Karmic Threat

Uh oh...

This article worries me.

This is the sort of crap that made Vietnam go on forever. And I guarantee that if the draft gets implimented there will be rioting the likes of which LA has never seen. Once again it is proven that politics is the quickest way to ruin.

In other news there was this article.

Aparently Kim Jong-il along with having the worlds largest porn collection despises triplets. Since 3 is an auspicous number in NK he thinks that triplets would be a threat to his leadership. So all triplets are taken from their family and locked away in orphinages. Thats some fucked up shit. I mean yea Saddam is evil but Kim is just plain crazy at this point. Once we get done with Iraq we should lean hard on the asian countries to remove him. I mean Saddam is a known value, but Kim could one day decide that the US wants to steal his kidneys and start a massive attack. Screw that, kill the bastard I'm sure anyone in that country could do a better job. I'm sure China wouldn't mind him going missing at this point either.

The whole SG/LJ drama is stupid. If SG had a problem with the community they could have just insisted on having it deleted. Now they are in the position of just being fucktards who can't take criticism. Which I believe to be the case in any event. Maybe instead of goat porn we should just make the suicidegirls community a place where we can support the palestinian cause.
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