Karmic Threat (karmic_threat) wrote,
Karmic Threat

Ugh, so tired...

Back from looing in telescopes all night. I can now describe in annoying detail direct observations of various planets, rings, nebuli and brick a brack. Way too much caffine to keep me up, my eye is getting twitchy. My eye always gets twitchy when I am pretty much saturated with caffine. The other eye is unaffected for some reason (To clarify I have the use of BOTH eyes, I am not a pirate.) Some nifty equipment that costs more than a senseably priced compact car. 15K+ telescopes and 5K+ equitorial mounts. All smooth and computer controlled. The guy that was in charge of the 16inch telescope was kind of a perv though. Not that I cared since the two girls he was hitting on were vapid giggly 18 year olds.

Bought issues 2 - 6 of Final Order, the remake of the ending of the battle angel alita series. Its actually pretty good, I'm glad I picked it up. Now if I could only meet a petite girl that could kill me five times before I hit the ground.

Also picked up the last trade back of Transmetropolitan I needed. I have a complete set now except for The End which I don't think is out yet.

I must remember to take a nap tommarow, there is no way I will make it thru my chem lab tommarow without more sleep.

Don't really feel like ranting about SG anymore. Its really not worth the energy, and really the quality of the pics were going down hill. One thing that I think most porn sites miss is that fetishism and sex are typically like most addictions. You need more and/or different stimulation to gain the same effect over time. The whole site seems to have become some formula based site, where Teh Nekk1d Ch1cks + H00n3hy D00ds == Pr0fi+! The sets are looking mostly the same, the girls are looking the same, the same tired arguments are the same. I mena jesus christ on a pogo-stick people! Grow a fucking spine! Well I'm ranting again, no cookie for me.
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