Karmic Threat (karmic_threat) wrote,
Karmic Threat

Use this entry...

Someone put a copy of the member list into a comment in this entry. I don't have a paid membership so I can't see it.

What people should do is just send a nice friendly message that the suicide girls group has been close and people are moving to sgirls. Don't be nasty or make accusations.

What to do:
1. Pick a range of people off the the membership list of the suicide girls group in this entry.
2. Check to make sure that someone else in the comments has not taken that range.
3. Post in this entry that you are going to contact that range of people.
4. Post _1_ nice brief message to each person you claimed that the suicide girls group has moved to sgirls. Either put it in as a comment in one of their entries or if it doesn't allow posting send them 1 email. If there is no way to contact them then don't worry.
5. Post as a response to the entry you made in this journal that you did contact them.

It is a nice and easy thing to do for people who might not otherwise find sgirls. It is also not spammish since you are only sending 1 message and people should not get more than 1 message.
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